Personal Training

What Sets Totally Driven Apart

Dumb Bells.

At Totally Driven, we not only offer personalized training to help you improve your golf game, but we also have a state-of-the-art facility where we offer golf fitness training. We don’t focus solely on your golf game at our facility. While we want to help you improve your game, we also understand that the physical condition of your body determines your quality of life.

If you are in pain due to a physical condition, not only will your life be negatively impacted, but your golf game will be, as well. For that reason, we have certified TPI, ACE, and biomechanical trainers on hand to help you reach your goals so you can play and feel better.

Totally Driven’s Certifications

Our team has a proven method to help you achieve your goals. To begin, we evaluate and break down your swing by having you complete a physical screening before we you hit a set of balls with our 3D K-Vest. From there, we evaluate your golf distance and performance before starting you on a golf training program.

Our training regimine is led by our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 3 and American Counsel on Exercise (ACE) certified trainers. Our trainers are the best in the business and have helped countless people improve multiple aspects of their lives, including:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Weight loss goals
  • Muscle building
  • Speed gains
  • Pain reduction
  • Golf performance goals

From there, we offer a T.E.A.M (Together, Elevate, Accelerate, Motivate) Program where you can train with five to eight people.

Golf Distance & Performance Evaluation

In this step, our trainers focus on analyzing how your body moves and functions when you golf. From there, we create a plan to help you move and feel better to improve your golf performance. This program is $250 and includes the following steps:

  • Interview and goal setting
  • Comprehensive physical screening and body session
  • Custom fitness program
Personal Training

We also have different levels of personal training. Our personal training packages vary in price based on the number of times you come in every month. Here are our packages:

  • One-on-One training sessions are $120 per session
  • Semi-Private sessions with 2-4 people are $50 per person
  • Two training sessions per month $179
  • Four training sessions per month $359

Our prices are some of the best in the area, and all competitively priced. With our help, you will get more out of your training than you will anywhere else and reach your golf performance goals.

Contact Totally Driven Today

If you are interested in learning more about our golf personal training methods for all ages, contact our team at Totally Driven today. Our team will offer you a fair price and help you find exactly what you need to reach your goals. To learn more information, give us a call at 952-681-2728 or message us on our contact page.