Our purpose is to both help you live a better life and to help you live a better golf life. Totally Driven understands that the body is your engine. You move and swing a golf club because of how your body moves or sometimes how is doesn’t. By gathering information through our physcial screening and you hitting balls on our 3D K-Vest we can help you train more efficient.

Golf Distance & Performance Evaluation
Totally Driven is your golf performance experts. Our certified TPI, ACE, and biomechanical trainers understand the importance of the body’s role in creating an efficient golf swing. Your body is your engine. How you move determines how you swing!

Fitness Training
Producing results is our mission. Our fitness trainers are certified TPI(Titleist Performance Institute) level 3, and ACE(American Counsel of Exercise) and will perform a full physical screening to identify and help prioritize your needs. After which an exercise program is created exclusively for you. Our fitness coaches have extensive backgrounds resulting in weight lose, improved cardio output, building strength, creating speed, pain relief, and golf specific training.

Our 3 month minimum Jr.T.E.A.M. Program is designed for 5-8 person team training. Your group or entire team can train together Individual workout routines designed and personalized by our fitness coaches. .


This is a golf and athletic program unlike any other. Parents who watch our classes initially are often surprised by the amount of time dedicated to game playing that are seemingly unrelated to golf. This method is by design.

Our Junior Golf Performance Class’ objective is not to create good golfers, but to create GREAT golfers! The way we go about it is quite a bit different from other junior golf programs. Our program here is based around drills and activities that are fun for kids, but also teach them sports-specific skills built around FUNdamental athletic skills with Long Term Athletic Development(LTAD) in mind.

Juniors should be well-balanced, agile and coordinated. In addition to possessing well-developed kicking, striking, throwing and catching skills, they also need to develop spatial and body awareness as a fundamental building block necessary for golf development.

Our Junior Golf Performance Class Philosophy: “To develop FUNdamental movement skills, establish functional movement patterns, develop sports specific skills, and teach golf-specific skills thereby creating a love for the game.”

Activities we use in class share rotational “DNA” with golf. From throwing a ball, making a tennis stroke, or swinging a baseball bat, each of these activities teach us to swing, while learning chipping, pitching, putting, and hitting.

With the varying physical nature of the program and its’ cross-training, the athletes will see increased skill levels in any other sports in which they participate.

The children that go through this program will build both a love for the game and physical activity. Take note of the athletes faces and listen for the laughter as they leave class and the excitement they show in coming back the next week.

We look forward to working with your child and making them a great athlete and golfer!!

2 Hour Junior skills assessment required $250.00. This covers all testing, hats, bracelets throughout the 9 month program. Your athlete will be tested 4 times in the 9 month period. (Will receive color hat and color wrist band based off assessment results).

New Competitor (age 5-13)

Upon testing, we will place your junior athlete into the correct class based off age and ability and the appropriate amount of days per week.

  • Class sizes are 6:1 ratio
  • Please inquire into class days and times
  • 90 minute classes at $35.00/class
  • 1x wk $140.00p/month or 2x wk $280.00p/month
  • You can sign up anytime


As discussed in the overview of our program, LTAD(Long Term Athletic Development) is a life long athletic development model. With this model, it will help us guide golfers from pre-puberty to retirement. We will focus on kids performing age-appropriate skill acquisition drills that will maximize athletic potential. The program will get progressively more difficult and specialized as the athlete continues through the phases. To help us with understanding where your child fits in along with our testing, we use our growth website to keep track of the athletes biological age. With this process and our testing, we can place your athlete into the appropriate level for their biological age.

Active Start (Age 0-6)
In this phase it’s about allowing kids to learn fundamental movements and link them together into play. Encourage basic movement skills, since they do not just happen as a child gets older, but develop depending on each child’s heredity, activity experiences, and environment. We will design activities that help children feel competent and comfortable and focus on participation.

FUNdamentals (Age: Male 6-9, Female 6-8)
This phase is about learning the FUNdamental movement skills. We want to master all fundamental movement skills- locomotion, stability, object control and awareness skills. We will perform fundamental screens periodically to monitor progress in FMS(functional movement skill) development. Appropriate weight and length of clubs is paramount in this phase.

Learn to Play (Age: Male 8-11, Female 9-12)
We will introduce all sports skills in this phase and continue with mastering the movement skills and begin to introduce golf specific skills. Skill acquisition makes up the majority of the program. Introduction of all golf shots in this phase.

Train to Play (Age: Male 12-16, Female 11-15)
Most critical phase since this is where golf skills are really ingrained. Physical literacy is important by this phase.

Learn to Compete (Age: Male 16-18, Female 15-17)
Involves college prep, and depending on where they are on their growth chart, full strength development. More involved golf and practice regime.

Train to Compete (Age: Male 18-23, Female 17-23)
In this phase it involves college prep, national tournament play, and more physical development. Advanced biomechanics, customized physical fitness program tailored to each players needs , with nutrition and recovery.

Train to Excel (Age: Male 23-29 +/- , Female 23-28 +/-)
This will be the final preparation phase. Customization and optimization are the training focus. We teach them how to peak for events, biomechanics, custom fitness programs.