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Iron Fitting in the Twin Cities Metro

Golf Iron Heads.

It’s crucial to have a good set of irons that work perfectly with your golf swing. Having the correct shaft and iron head is a great start.  It’s the rest of the fitting is what makes your set unique and perfectly fit.

At Totally Driven, our team of experts understands how crucial your irons are to your game, so we’re committed to helping you find a solution at a price you can afford.

What Sets Totally Driven Apart From The Rest

At Totally Driven, our team of certified PGA professionals utilize the newest and most state-of-the-art technology, like Trackman and Sam PuttLab, to breakdown your swing and find the clubs that best suit your needs. Using the numbers we gather from these tests, as well as our own expert opinions, we will find the perfect irons for you. In addition to our swing analysis process, we take the time to get to know every single person who walks in our door. Between this and our additional training and membership programs, we know we can help you improve your golf game.

Initial Examination

When you come to our facility for your golf irons fitting, we will have you bring your current clubs with you. We will set you up in our Trackman studio to begin with. Typically, we have you take swings for our data analysis using either your 6 or 7 iron. When you swing, Trackman collects a vast array of information, including:

  • Swing speed
  • Shaft stiffness
  • Ball flight
  • Hangtime
  • Spin rate
  • Launch angle
  • And more

From the data our system provides, we can help you analyze your swing, look for areas to improve upon, and suggest the best recommendations for club heads and iron shaft fitting.

Analyzing Your Irons

After we have you test your swing in our studio, our computers suggest different parts and sizes for your future clubs to reach your optimal performance level. Our system will show us a variety of suggested specs and information, such as:

  • Shaft length
  • Lie angle
  • Loft
  • Club head size
  • Shaft flexibility
  • Club weight

From there, our iron fitters will go to our shop and construct some of the suggested clubs for you to test out.

Building Your Irons

Our team will construct various suggested clubs for you to test out and will continue to make adjustments as you test them. The entire fitting process for irons typically takes 60 to 90 minutes and costs $150. We spend the majority of that time having you test these new clubs to determine which ones work best for you. You will test these prototype clubs in the Trackman studio, and we will analyze the data to see if they are an optimal fit. Even if you have been golfing for years, seeing the data regarding your swing laid out in front of you can teach you a lot and help you improve your game.

Ordering Your Irons

After we have found the irons that give you your ideal lie angle, loft, flexibility, and more, we will then work to make our findings match your budget. We are brand neutral and will craft your clubs with the brand of your choice, or by using the brand(s) you can afford. We offer most major brands, including:

  • Mizuno
  • Titleist
  • Ping
  • And more

After we have your clubs made at a price you can afford, we will send your exact specifications to our Edina club building shop where they will customize your clubs. After they are made, they send them back to us, and we do one final check to make sure everything is in order before giving them to you.

Request an Iron Fitting Today

If you are in the Twin Cities metro area and looking for custom fitting for your golf irons, contact our team at Totally Driven today. 

To learn more about our services or to speak with one of our experts, give us a call at 952-681-2728 or message us on our contact page.