Golf is a game that tests your patience but provides you with satisfaction and countless rewards if you stick with it and learn to love in and grow in your skills. However, not everyone understands how much work it takes to become skilled at golf or how to approach putting in that work. For these reasons and more, we suggest goal setting, especially if you’re committed to becoming the best golfer possible. However, many people don’t know the first thing about goal setting and how to incorporate it into your everyday routine. Since we opened for business several years ago, not only have we been providing custom golf club fitting services, but we have also been providing tips to help our customers improve their games. One of the most important tools we stress at Totally Driven is goal setting. Here, we’ll discuss how to set goals properly and how it can help you improve your golf game.

What Is Goal Setting And How Do You Approach It?

Goal setting is a common tool used among athletes in most sports and people everywhere. When you are setting goals, you need to determine what areas of your game need the most work, as well as which areas you want to improve the most by personal preference. First, you need to think of both long and short-term goals that are attainable. Attainable goals are those that are realistic with enough hard work. Though you may want to improve your game by 10 strokes in the next two weeks, realistically, you’re not going to be able to do that. Therefore, you should make goals that you can work toward and not expect to achieve overnight.

You should set both long-term and short-term goals and write them down somewhere where you will see them every day. By doing this, your goals will be ingrained in your mind, and you can work them into your everyday life. To go with writing down your golf goals, you should create a schedule to practice and work on those goals, so you can ensure you are always making progress toward what you want to achieve. Setting goals is a great way to encourage you to improve in various aspects of your life, which includes your golf game.

How Does Goal Setting Help You Improve Your Golf Game?

By envisioning what you can control in your game and applying it to your approach, you can improve your game in ways you never imagined. Making a concerted effort to establish goals ingrains them in your mind, which can inspire you to work harder to achieve your goals. If you want to improve your shots in your short game, you should come up with a schedule to practice specific shots a certain amount of times per week at a set amount of time. This helps you stay on a practice schedule, which will eventually lead to better results as you improve your habits, which in turn leads to an improved game. 

However, what sort of goals should you set for yourself in your golf game? Each of us has various areas of our game we can improve, and golf is a multi-faceted game where improving one aspect is not always the way to improve overall. When you are creating your golf performance goals, you need to do an in-depth analysis of your game to figure out which areas need the most work and attention to detail. Some examples of ways to improve different aspects of your game include:

●        If you struggle with pulling your shots, consider these tips and set goals to work on this

●        If your clubs do not work well with your shot, consider having your clubs fitted for better results

●        If you’re struggling to make puts of all distances, visit a practice facility to get tips and work on this

●        If you’re struggling to hit your drives with power, set a goal to incorporate a workout regime designed to increase your strength into your everyday life

No matter how much success you find in the game of golf, there are always more improvements to be made. If you have a question about how your clubs affect your game or ways you can improve your game, contact Totally Driven today.

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