Being credited as a top golf club fitter in the state is huge accomplishment, being credited as one of the best club fitters in the Upper Midwest an honor, but being named one of the top 50 club fitters in all of North America is an amazing tribute to the hard work and dedication our golf professionals exhibit day in and day out. GOLF recently completed an assessment of all the golf fitters in North America. Based on a set list of criteria, went through and determined which fitters were best, and released a list. Our team at Totally Driven is honored to be mentioned on this list with so many other great organizations, and here we will discuss the criteria that got us named to the list, as well as our club fitting process.

Factors That Played a Role in the Criteria

According to the organization that completed the assessment and released the final findings, they based their study on several factors. Some of these factors included:

●        Use of Technology

●        Brands Offered

●        In-House Building

●        Use of Analytics

●        Work With Professionals

●        And more

After these data points were collected, GOLF’s internal panel went through the top-ranked organizations from the initial assessment and further broke down the criteria to determine the top-five list. The other 45 organizations in the top golf club fitters were listed in alphabetical order after the top-five were released. Many of the fitters named on this prestigious list are a chain brand with several locations throughout the respective states, countries, and continents.

How Totally Driven Fit Into This Elite Group

Totally Driven stood out from several other golf club fitters in North America because we match a great deal of the criteria set by GOLF. At Totally Driven, we have golf professionals on hand to help our customers learn the game and understand how they can better utilize their clubs and swing. Additionally, we use Trackman, Launch Monitor Data, and SAM PuttLab technologies to create a full analytical and statistical breakdown of your swing. With these data points, we are able to analyze your swing and see areas you could improve upon, how your clubs can be adjusted to optimize those changes, and more. Our top-notch indoor fitting facility also boosted our ranking among the continent’s top club fitters. To learn more about our vast amenities, contact us today. To see the full list of the Top 50 Clubfitters in North America, visit this page

Our Fitting Process

Since opening for business in 2006, we have helped people from all over the Twin Cities metro area find the best clubs to optimize their golf skills. No matter what type of fitting you are looking for, we have the ability to get you the products you need. We offer the following fittings:

●        Full Bag Fitting

●        Driver Fitting

●        Putter Fitting

●        Iron Fitting

●        Wedge Fitting

●        Fairway Wood & Hybrid Fitting

When you come to our team for your club fitting, you will be working with a professional who is a PGA Professional, certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

When you schedule a fitting with one of our team members, we ask that you bring your current golf clubs in, so we can analyze them with our state-of-the-art technology and determine where they are failing you and how we can improve them. Once you come in for your appointment, we will take you back into the swing lab to collect a variety of data about your swing and clubs.

In regard to your swing, we will collect data points on the following:

●        Spin Rate

●        Smash Factor

●        Club Path

●        Launch Angle

●        And more

From there, using our own skills and our technology we use to analyze your swing, we will give you suggestions on what areas you could adjust to improve your swing.

In regard to your clubs, we will look at the following data points:

●        Shaft Bend

●        Swing Speed

●        Hangtime

●        Ball Flight

●        Lie Angle

●        Club Weight

●        Club Loft

●        And more

Once we have accumulated these data points and taken down notes on your swing, our systems will suggest club sizes, lengths, and weights, and from there, our team at Totally Driven will go into our shop and build the suggested clubs before having you swing them in our lab again. We will reanalyze your swing with the new clubs by using the same data points and based on the data we get from our systems, as well as your thoughts on the clubs, and we can order new clubs for you. To learn more about our club fitting process, contact us today.

Schedule a Club Fitting Today

If you are in the Twin Cities metro area and looking for one of the best club fitters on the entire continent, contact Totally Driven today. Located in Edina, our golf professionals can ensure you have clubs that maximize your game and lead to the optimal results. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 952-681-2728 or message us on our contact page today.