Whether you’ve recently started golfing or you have been a pro player for years, having proper knowledge regarding sand trap rules is absolutely crucial.

We have all been put in the difficult position of having to shoot from sand traps; it’s high time we learn a thing or two about them.

Sand traps are a hazard and can get tricky. Moreover, these rules just add to the difficulty, but surprisingly, that’s what makes the game interesting.

In this post from Totally Driven, we will discuss the essential rules every golfer should know about sand traps.

1. You Can’t Touch the Sand With Your Club

With some exceptions, you are generally not allowed to touch the sand with your club, including making a backswing or grounding your stick to take a better shot.

This usually counts as testing the sand, and you are most certainly not allowed to do that in golf.

2. You Can Remove Obstacles

Pine cones are common impediments found in the sand trap, and they can interfere with your shot.

Previously, you were not allowed to remove such obstacles or impediments from the sand traps, but the rules have changed. You are now allowed to remove such impediments under the condition that they do not alter or displace the position of the ball.

3. You Can’t Test the Sand

You are not allowed to test the sand in any way, including using your hands or your fitted clubs, because that would allow you to judge the conditions and take a better shot.

If you try to test the sand through any maneuver, you will be penalized.

4. Unplayable Shots in Sand Traps

Some shots are not playable in the sand trap, meaning the ball is stuck in an unusual position, and you can't take a shot. Hence it would make sense for you to retake the shot.

But even to do that, you must place your ball in the previous position and replay the shot in such situations.

5. You Can Dig in With Your Feet to Form a Stance

You can dig your feet in the sand carefully to form a proper stance to strike the ball out of the bunker. However, it would help if you made sure that the ball is not displaced in any way while doing that.

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