Even if you’re not new to golf, there’s a good chance you’ve got questions about how to tee up the right way. Teeing is one of those golf rules that is commonly misunderstood, but to be the best golfer you can be, you need to know how to max out your tee time.

At Totally Driven, our Twin Cities golf experts work with golfers of all levels every day to improve their swings and refine their golf skills. In this post we’re taking a closer look at teeing up including the right way to do it and when it’s necessary. To get your custom golf club fitting or schedule some golf lessons before you hit the golf course, give our golf pros a call!

The Right Time to Tee Up

When you’re playing golf, every advantage counts. And teeing up is ultimately about evening the odds to help you maximize your distance and control when you’re playing on grass. In other words, it’s not just for high handicap golfers. Since grass and dew can get in the way of a good shot, a tee helps you to get some distance from the ground so you have more control and predictability. You can and should take advantage of teeing on the first shot of every hole, even the par 3 holes.

How High Should I Place My Tee?

One of the most common mistakes new golfers make is to use the same tee height for all of your clubs. How high you need to place your tee really depends on you, your swing, and the club you’re using. That’s because the loft and head size can impact the best tee height for your swing. Small-headed clubs and faces with more loft can call for a lower tee height. And at the end of the day, tee height should be a personal choice.

Follow these guidelines for teeing with different types of clubs:

●      Irons

With an iron shot, you’ll want to tee up with your ball right about the grass. The difference should be so subtle that it almost looks like your ball is sitting directly on top of the grass.

●      Hybrids

If you’re using a hybrid club, tee the ball a little bit higher so that it’s sitting about a half inch above ground. That’s because you’re working against a little more weight when you’re using a hybrid, and you want to help get that weight under the ball.

●      Fairway Woods

With most fairways, your tee should be a half-inch above ground with a quarter of the ball above the clubface. If your fairway wood has a bigger head, you’ll need to place your tee slightly higher.

●      Drivers

Set your tee so your golf ball is slightly above the grass without setting it too high. If your ball is too low when you swing, this could interfere with the distance on your shot.

Accounting for Your Swing

The above guidelines are not hard and fast rules. Since every golfer has their own individual quirks and swing factors, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. One way to learn about your swing is with a piece of impact tape. Using a piece of tape on your clubface, tee up and hit a few shots. Note whether you’re hitting the ball dead on, too high, or too low. Adjust your tee accordingly until you hit the ball flush. Try this with every club in your bag so you know exactly what to do with your tees next time you’re golfing.

Making the Most of Your Tee Swing

Every swing you make is crucial when you’re golfing. But let’s face it: The first swing is the most essential. After all, if you flub a tee shot, things are not off to a great start. That’s why one of the best things you can do as a golfer is be mentally and physically prepared to make the most of that tee shot. But don’t expect to own the tee shot right away. To truly experience the full potential of a tee shot, you’ll need to buckle down and commit to plenty of hard work and patience.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get a better tee swing:

1.    Start with a broad stance.

The key to a great tee swing is opening up for a wider, straighter swing. Start your tee swing with a broad stance that’s just a little wider than your shoulders. This will give you a more stable platform and help your hips to remain stable and level throughout the swing.

2.    Get a grip.

The positioning of your hands is essential to a good swing. Alter your swing regularly and keep it loose to help you stay open during your swing. This will add loft to your shot. To drive the most energy into your swing, watch your wrists. Keep them flat while you square   

3.    Shake it off.

Taylor Swift knew what she was talking about when she told the world to “Shake it off.” Getting hung up on your flubbed shots is only going to hurt your swing. Instead of focusing on where you went wrong, visualize yourself smoothing out the mistakes that led to the bad swing you regret.

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