If you are learning how to play and not seeking out golf lessons, learning to be precise requires using skills on every shot, including putting. Putting is one of the most critical parts of the game because it can make or break a score, but learning how to do it perfectly is a process.

There are a few ways to get this accomplished, and this article will detail these to help you learn how to improve your putting skills.

Learn Your Putting Stroke

If you are not choosing golf coaching to hone your skills, one way to learn what your putting stroke is can be achieved by following these steps:

●        Start by putting two pegs four feet apart in the ground

●        Tie a piece of string between them to create a line

●        Line up the putter underneath this and gauge where your putter is

This is a beneficial practice because it can help you judge whether your stroke is slightly arced, straight back and through or has a solid arc to make improvements and adjust as you practice.

Keep Your Body and Eyes on the Target

When you are going to putt, it is imperative that your eyes do not follow the putter on the backstroke or the ball when moving forward. This is because in most cases, your body will follow where your eyes go, so you want to keep those steady and focused on the target. Even slightly rotating your head could create less control over your swing and lower your accuracy.

Make the Right Impact

In a perfect situation, your priority is to get the ball off the green. One way to accomplish this is to have the ball close to the target line, control its velocity with the putter face, and launch it one to four degrees in an upward motion. This practice can help you adapt to high-pressure environments, so repeat them to get familiar with this recommendation.

Line Up the Putt

You will be aiming to get the ball within one degree of the target line in most strokes. So, one way to help with this is by using an alignment stick or the club and placing it on the putting green each time. This will help prevent you from moving too far off track and get the most accurate start with the ball.

Keep the Putter Face Controlled

The last recommendation in this list is to make sure your putter face has a good grip so you can return it squarely without any complications. Some individuals may decide to adjust the long grip slightly when putting, but this can make it a more difficult shot.

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