Golf can be an exciting game, and there are many different aspects of it that are essential to learning because they can help enhance your skill and score. In most cases, one of the most exciting parts of playing is figuring out how to hit the ball as far as the professionals do. One of the main ways to understand this is knowing exactly how far each club will allow you to go.

This not only helps you improve your score, but it lets you know how much work is involved in increasing the club distances, so here's more information to get you started!

How Do You Find Your Club Distance?

Finding the club distance is a simple process, and you can either do it manually or by using technology. The manual method will require that you get ten golf balls that you are able to freely hit, then take the time to measure the distance they gained by using strides.

Or, it can be helpful to have a laser range finder in this process and keep a pen and paper handy to write down the measurements.


There is another option which is to utilize a technology called TrackMan. The equipment can be purchased for your own home, but it can run between $25,000 and $50,000 to have it fully assembled. Or you can research local golf stores and facilities that already have the technology and rent time in the space.

TrackMan works by recording data about your swinging, and this will include the distance based on the club you are using. Taking the time to rotate through all the clubs in your bag by doing ten shots each will give you a report at the end, letting you know your dispersion chart and average distance.

Other Considerations

The average distances between male and female golfers and the types of clubs you are using will vary, so keep this in mind when comparing scores. In addition, utilizing either of these techniques or getting golf lessons will help you understand how you can increase your club distances and swing speed to improve your performance on the range.

Totally Driven: Streamlined & Professional Golf Services

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