October is a month that’s teeming with superstitions from avoiding black cats to setting out jack-o-lanterns. Even Halloween costumes were originally meant to ward off the spirits. And as golfers, superstitions are something we know all too well.

Every sport has its own set of superstitions, but as a sport that’s hundreds of years old, golf has more than its share. In this post from Totally Driven, we’re diving into the weirdest and wackiest golf superstitions. To work on your own golf game with or without superstitions, stop by and get a custom golf club fitting today!

1.   Tiger Woods and the Case of the Red Shirt

If you’re on Star Trek, wearing a red shirt can be a bad sign. But for Tiger Woods, red shirts have worked out all right. According to Woods himself, he started wearing red shirts back in his junior golf days for the final big events in a championship. The school he attended would wear red for their final events, and he came to feel it was working for him. So as the years went by, the golf pro simply stuck with what worked.

If you like the idea of incorporating a red shirt into your routine, there are plenty of good reasons to embrace this tradition. According to many cultures, red is a power color. Associated with the life force of human blood, red has served as a symbol for passion, love, vigor, and even rage throughout history.

And Tiger Woods isn’t the first person to wear red as a good luck charm. In China, red has been worn by brides and children to ward off evil. In Naples, red amulets are worn as a symbol of protection as well.

2.   The Tea About Tee Color

Red may be the best color for Tiger Woods, but it’s considered the worst possible color for golf tees by many golfers. Some golfers believe that red, a color often associated with warnings and stop signs, can sabotage a player’s swings with inaccuracy. Red is also seen as representing anger or negativity, so some players prefer to avoid red tees altogether.

And red isn’t the only tee color to avoid. White tees are also seen as taboo in some circles due to their similarities to out-of-bounds markers.

3.   The First Club

Are you indecisive by nature? Be careful choosing a golf club. To some golfers, pulling a club out of your golf bag and then changing your mind is a bad sign. And putting an unused club back in your bag doesn’t portend well.

Instead, they say, it’s best to stick with your first choice. Of course, when you have had a professional golf club fitting, there are really no bad choices.

4.   Someone Else’s Luck

When another player is on a lucky streak, the last thing they need is someone else coming along and crossing it. Picking up another player’s ball, even by accident, has bad energy written all over it.

But it’s also a bad idea to pick up a ball you find, according to many golfers. The way they see it, if the other player loses their ball, it’s already seen bad luck. Rather than risk contaminating your luck with theirs, it’s better to just walk on by.

5.   Lucky Numbers

In sports and throughout life, lucky numbers have always been a common theme. Lucky numbers are as ancient as human history and can be found throughout ancient texts, myths, and legends.

And lucky numbers seem to be just as prevalent in today’s world as they were in Biblical times. If you’ve ever ridden on an elevator without a 13th floor or heard someone talk about Friday the 13th, you’ve experienced the power of number legends.

It makes sense that low numbers are good luck in golf. After all, you want the lowest score possible when you’re playing. And this low-number luck association extends to golf ball numbers, with numbers 4 or less considered good luck.

6.   Keeping Your Streak

Are you having an especially great day out on the golf course? Some golfers believe that washing your ball off during that round can wash away your good luck. It’s best to wait until you’re done playing.

And for that matter, some golfers won’t wash anything that’s working for them until the luck streak ends. From lucky shoes to favorite clubs, they don’t want to mess with a good thing.

Get Guaranteed Good Luck With a Custom Golf Club Fitting

Every golfer has his or her own golf-related superstitions. But if you want to guarantee a great swing and a low score, the best thing you can do is be proactive and try to improve your game.

To schedule your custom golf club fitting or connect with a golf fitness trainer, call Totally Driven at (952) 681-2728 or connect with us online. And don’t forget to wear your lucky socks next time you play!