As every golfer knows, golf is a game of inches, where it’s often the little tweaks in a swing or a minor alteration of hand placement that can produce the biggest impact on your playing. While custom fit clubs and professional golf lessons certainly do wonders for improving your game, perhaps the most overlooked component to lowering your handicap is all the personal training opportunities there are to explore to better your golf game.

You don’t need to be an Olympic weightlifter or marathon runner to start seeing better results on the course. However, you’ll be amazed at how much you can enhance your golf game by just implementing a few simple exercise routines to your workout plan.

From strengthening your swing to straightening your shoulders, take a look at these fitness training tips that could help you see a dramatic improvement in your golf game.

Hip Flexor Stretches

To try and maximize the full range of motion with your backswing, hip flexor stretches are a simple exercise that can help produce major results for improving your swing.

You can start by putting your left knee on the floor and positioning your right leg in a lunge position. Hold a golf club with both hands and lift it over your head, maintaining that position for 45 seconds.

Next, lower your right arm while still holding the golf club upright and slowly bend over to the side, with your left arm still raised toward the sky. Hold for another 45 seconds, repeating two or three times on each side, or however long you’re comfortable for. This will help stretch out your hip flexors and stomach muscles, while keeping your hips loose for maximum flexibility throughout your time on the course.

Split Squats

Increase your stability, mobility, and enhance your strength with a simple, easy to utilize at home, split squat exercise.

Grab whatever weight of dumbbells you’re comfortable with, and start in a standing position. Begin by taking a long step forward in a lunge-like manner, raising the heel of your back foot. Be sure to keep your torso straight while you slowly lower your body until your back knee is close to touching the floor, then push yourself back up.

Finish your reps on one leg, about six to eight reps, then switch over to the other. You don’t even need dumbbells to adequately perform this exercise and start noticing your increased stability during your backswing.

Medicine Ball Toss

If golf swing speed is a recurring issue for your golf game, one of the easiest ways to pick up some swing speed are some routine medicine ball toss workouts.

Stand straight ahead and a couple feet away from a solid wall. Hold the medicine ball at your waist, and begin throwing the ball toward the wall, thrusting your hips with each toss. Catch the boss after it bounces off the wall, rotating your hips as you rotate back and forth between catching the ball on each side of your body.

Performing three sets of ten reps of medicine ball toss multiple times a week will have you seeing immediate improvements in your swing speed!


There’s no easier and quicker way to build up your strength and quicken your golf swing quite like a set of push-ups!

Push-ups will strengthen your pectoral (chest) muscles while improving the firmness of the soft tissue in your shoulders. They also improve your rotator cuff muscles, which do wonders for improving your ability to stop your golf swing on demand.

Just be sure to keep your spine as straight as possible and maintain a consistent tempo throughout your push-up routine, and soon enough, those 10-15 minutes of push-ups every other day will ultimately pay off on the golf course.

Personal Training Solutions to Boost Your Golf Game

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We offer personal golf fitness training by certified fitness instructors in a state-of-the-art training facility, so you can work on improving your health and your golf swing at the same time! T

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