Any sports pro will tell you that there’s no point at which an athlete has learned everything and improved as much as possible. No matter how long you’ve been playing or how professional your game, there’s always something to improve on. Each player has his or her own unique strengths to draw on and challenges to overcome.

There are countless ways for a golfer to invest in his or her game from custom golf fittings to setting aside plenty of practice time. One of the most popular ways to hone one’s skills is to invest in professional golf lessons.

In fact, when asked, most golfers will say they would prefer to invest in golf lessons over equipment if given the choice. In this post from Minnesota’s golf fitness pros at Totally Driven, we’ll explore some of the reasons golf lessons are worth the cost. Give us a call to sign up for golf lessons today!

1.   Golf lessons help you get comfortable.

For golfers just starting out, the thought of teeing up with your golf-loving boss or neighbor can seem more than a little intimidating. Golf lessons help you develop a solid understanding not just of the rules of play and etiquette but also of some of the nuances of the game that you can only get from years of play. And you get to work on your game in the process.

2.   You’ll improve your mental game.

Unlike many other sports, golf is as much about competing against one’s self as it is about competing against others. Golf lessons will help you develop the mental clarity and focus to perform at your top level of mental acuity as well as honing your physical golf game.

3.   A coach can help you set target goals.

When you’re practicing alone, you’re generally practicing the same way every time. When you work with a certified golf coach, they can help you set goals for yourself so your practice is focused on improvement.

4.   You’ll work on shedding your worst golf habits.

The longer you play golf, the more likely you are to integrate bad habits like poor posture into your game. For many intermediate-level golfers, having a coach there to help you identify and improve on these bad habits means the difference between playing a mediocre game and a solid one.

Golf Lessons from Totally Driven

At Totally Driven, we offer golf lessons and coaching programs to golfers in and around the Twin Cities metro area. Check out these great options for improving your game:

●      Golf Lessons

No matter what level of golf you play at, we offer lessons to meet your needs. Work with our Titleist or PGA certified experts to improve targeted areas and analyze your swing in a half-hour or hour-long lesson. These shorter lessons are the best way to fix minor issues but not as in-depth as our coaching program. Sign up for $125 for an hour or $65 for a half-hour lesson.

●      Three-Month Golf Coaching Program

While golf lessons focus on simple improvements to minor flaws, our coaching program aims to improve your overall game by focusing on strength, flexibility, and fitness. Work with our Titleist Performance Institute-certified and PGA golf professional coaches during these personalized, in-depth coaching sessions.

●      Six-Month Golf Coaching Program

This extension of our three-month coaching program is the best option for serious golfers aiming to dramatically improve their game.

●      Personal Training

One of the best ways to improve your golf game is to focus on golf fitness. With our personalized golf fitness program, our certified ACE, TPI, and biomechanical trainers focus on helping golfers improve their overall physical condition to get better results on the golf course.

We’ll begin with a goal-setting interview, comprehensive screening, and body program aimed at customizing your personal fitness program. Train with five and eight people while focusing on individualized goals like weight loss, muscle building, cardiovascular health, speed gains, golf performance, and pain reduction.

●      College Prep Coaching Program

If you have a high school or collegiate golfer in need of lessons, this program is designed to meet their needs. Because recruiters place so much emphasis on putting, this program will heavily focus on building putting skills.

The collegiate-level program begins with a one-hour evaluation using Sam Putt technology to examine a golfer’s putting skills, distance control, and green-reading abilities. Sign-up for the evaluation step is $125.

Once a golfer has completed the evaluation, he or she will come in once weekly or biweekly. Sessions are typically $100 per lesson, and discounted packages are also available. We also offer a two-hour AimPoint Express clinic with an AimPoint Level III-certified instructor to help golfers learn advanced putting and green-reading strategies.

Sign Up for Minnesota Golf Lessons Near Me

Are you ready to improve your swing? Sign up for golf lessons or golf coaching today! Contact Totally Driven online to get your membership, or give us a call at (952) 681-2728.