It’s always a great time to play golf. For golf lovers, it’s hard to say what we love most. Is it the chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and great company? The thrill of a great game? Pushing our bodies and minds to be the very best?

Whatever your reasons, if you love golf, you’re always up for improving your game. In this post from the Twin Cities golf club fitting pros at Totally Driven, we’re sharing some of our favorite golf tips. Give us a call to schedule your custom golf fitting today!

1.   Learn the lingo.

If you’re new to golf, be sure to learn the right lingo for success in the sport. That way, you won’t look like a newb when you’re out on the golf course and you’ll be in the know when you get into conversations with other golfers. To learn the difference between a sand trap and the rough, check out this post.

2.   Be decisive.

Second-guessing never helped anyone’s game. Don’t waiver once you’ve decided on a shot. That moment of hesitation can interfere with the shot and cause you to miss. Instead, try to focus on your swing and fully commit to each shot. Having a good mental strategy can be the key to making these shots, so be sure to practice yours when you’re practicing your swing.

3.   Don’t play fast and loose.

We all like to take risks every now and then. But it’s better to play conservatively and focus on improving your game rather than relying on luck instead of performance. Try to leave your impulses and feelings aside and find the zen of the moment.

4.   Tee up carefully.

Too many golfers get into the bad habit of randomly placing their balls on the tee without putting any thought into it. Be more intentional about where you put your ball and place it on the tee box side that works out best for your shot. Don’t forget you’re allowed to tee up to two club lengths from tee markers.

5.   Don’t touch the flag.

The impact of the flag on your game is a controversial subject among golfers. Golf scientists have even analyzed the difference between fiberglass and metal flagsticks and compared flagsticks between the US and other countries to determine which is better for a shot. And among professional golfers, there are some who always attend the flagstick, while others swear that bouncing the ball of the stick is more likely to land shots. So what’s the right approach?

According to golf experts, as long as the rules allow for it, you should leave the flagstick in any time it is leaning slightly away or toward you. Scientifically speaking, this is believed to increase your odds of keeping the ball in the hole.

6.   Keep your head still.

You can have the perfect grip and terrific distance, but head movement during your swing will sabotage your entire shot. Your head should never get ahead of your ball, and your spine needs to remain straight throughout the swing. When your head moves even slightly forward, it interferes with spine alignment and can cause you to pull a slice.

For many golfers, the key to transforming their game begins with learning how to maintain head stillness during their swing. Unfortunately, you may not be able to feel your head movement at all while swinging.

To work on your swing, focus not on your head but on the top of your spine, which is connected but easier to keep. To ground yourself mentally in what you’re focusing on, place your hand on the bone at the nape of your neck. Visualize this bone as a suspension point for your shoulders, limbs, and club, then concentrate on making a circular swing from this point.

One of the best ways to work on head movement is with a professional golf coach. At Totally Driven, we offer a three-month program and six-month program from PGA Golf Professionals and Titleist Performance Institute certified coaches.

7.   Keep your focus on the ball.

Knowing the right place to focus when you’re getting ready to swing is more of a science than most golfers realize. Diagnose the swing problems you need to work on to get an idea of where you need to focus.

If your swings are resulting in hooks, you need to focus your eyes on the golf ball’s outer edge. Likewise, if you’re hitting a slice on your swings, you need to focus on the inside of the ball and aim accordingly. This can nudge your swing over ever so slightly.

If you have trouble with hitting the ground in front of the ball, focus on the front edge of the ball’s target side. On the other hand, you should look at the back side of the ball if you’re thinning your shots. Finally, if putting is a problem for you, try choosing a specific dimple in the center of the ball and shifting to a soft focus on this point. You’ll be surprised at what a difference this simple step makes!

8.   Play with the right golf equipment.

Golf equipment is not one-size-fits-all. Far too many players are hitting the golf course with a club that is too heavy, too light, too long, too short, has the wrong lie angle, or has a club design that just doesn’t work well for you. That’s why one of the best things you can do for your game is to invest in a custom golf club fitting. With a custom golf club fitting, you’ll get a custom golf club that’s perfectly suited to your body type, golf handicap, and experience level.

And the benefits to owning the right set of clubs are tremendous. The right clubs will help you improve your handicap, accuracy, control, and overall confidence. Plus, who doesn’t love showing off a nice set of clubs?

9.   Stock your golf bag with the right gear.

Even if you’ve got the best clubs on the golf course, clubs are not the only thing you should be stashing in your golf bag. You’ll want to stock up on your favorite golf clubs and tees and stash a few golf essentials like ball markers, a golf club, and towels. But you should also include extras like sunscreen, snack bars, extra socks, first aid, sanitizer, and a little cash.

10.                     Don’t be a rage quitter.

If you find yourself getting keyed up while you’re golfing, you’re really only hurting yourself in the long run. Worse, the negativity you’re bringing to the golf course could be sabotaging someone else’s positive energy. When you’re having a rough game, it’s easy to get caught up in your feelings. But the best golfers practice control and focus on learning from their mistakes.

11.                     Don’t be afraid to invest in your golf game.

If you love to play but you’re frustrated by your handicap, it may be time to elevate your skill set by investing in golf lessons. But did you know that golf lessons are for everyone whether you’re a beginner, expert, or somewhere in-between? At Totally Driven, we provide 30-minute or 60-minute golf lessons with PGA or Titleist-certified experts to help you work on target areas and goals. We can even help you analyze your swing and offer science-based solutions to improve your game. Golf lessons will help you to get comfortable with your game, eliminate bad habits, and even improve your mental golf game.

12.                     Banish doubt from your game.

This is one of those things that can be easier said than done, but mind over matter is important in any sport, particularly golf. Human psychology is a tricky thing.


Too many golfers sabotage their swings by thinking in terms of negative concepts. In other words, they’ll think about the thing they want to avoid when they’re getting ready to swing such as a bunker or hazard. Rather than focusing on what you don’t want to do, place your mental focus on where you want the ball to go.

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