Though there are several tried and true ways to improve your golf swing, a handful have proven to be more effective than others, and considerably cheaper than the lengths some golfers go to. While working and training with a golf pro is an effective way to improve your game at a rapid pace, it also costs quite a bit of money because of the demands and expertise of the pros you are working with. However, at Totally Driven, our golf professionals have been around the game for years and know how to help you improve quickly and in a way that suits you best. While many improvement strategies revolve around training, others involve mental preparation, as well as health preparations, and more. Here, we will discuss different strategies to improve your golf game and overall skills.

Get The Most Important Clubs Fitted

As an avid golfer, you know what the two most important golf clubs in your bag are: the putter and driver. Your putter is the most important club in your bag because you take a large majority of swings with your putter. Additionally, it is easy to recover from early and mid-stage shots, but it is nearly impossible to recover from a poor putt. When you’re on the green, chances are you’re close to par, if not already at par. Therefore, the more shots you are forced to take on the green, the higher your score will be, which is the last thing you want. In addition to taking poor swings on the green and not accounting for the slope, lie, and more, a miss-fitting putter may also be a cause for concern. For that reason, your putter is the most critical club you have, and you should get it properly fitted, so you can excel and reach the level you wish to.


In addition to getting your putter fitted, you should also get your driver fitted. After your putter, your driver is, far and large, the most important club to get fitted. Like a poor putt, poor drives are difficult to recover from, though it can be done. When you have a bad drive to start the hole, it can create more difficult shots, which you then need to remedy to make par. However, by having your driver fitted to your exact body and swing, you can get clearer hits off of the clubhead, which improves your launch angle, ball speed, and more. When you have a better drive, your remaining shots will be easier, which will ultimately improve your game.

Walk Or Run Consistently

In addition to walking for fitness when you aren’t golfing, you should also consider walking to different holes on the course instead of taking a golf cart. When not golfing, walking is one of the best exercises you can do for your lower body. Walking increases the strength in your lower body, which, in turn, improves the power at which you can strike the ball during each of your swings. Exercising frequently and keeping your muscles loose will improve your overall health, as well. Additionally, if you prefer to run rather than walk, this is also an effective way to improve your lower body strength, which then improves your swing and golf game. As equally, if not more important, as stretching when you walk is, it is even more critical when you run. Running requires more overall exertion, which means you strain your muscles more when running. To stay loose and feel good, you need to stretch often.

Practice The Proper Movements With and Without A Club

To hone your golf skills, it is critical that you create a consistent swing for a variety of different shots. When your swing is muscle memory, you do not need to think about it, and you can instead put your thoughts into studying the shot ahead. You need to be able to trust your swing while you study the course while taking in the slope of your hit, the lie of the ball, the distance you need to hit it, and everything in between. In order to make your swing become muscle memory, you need to practice constantly. If you are having difficulty making parts of your swing mechanics smooth, you should consider practicing different aspects of your swing without a club. If you can get the movements down without a club in your hands, it can be easier to imitate those movements when you begin practicing with your clubs. This helps you create a consistent swing, which will ultimately improve your golf game.

Stretch and Condition Properly

No matter how you choose to get yourself in shape for golf, you need to make sure you are stretching properly and often. Any conditioning regimen takes its toll on your body because your muscles will get sore before they are able to gain strength and improve, it is critical that you properly take care of your muscles with stretching and other methods, such as therapy. If you work with a golf pro or your own personal trainer, you will go through different conditioning that they believe is the most beneficial based on your personal health history, as well as the golf level you wish to get to. No matter if you condition on your own or consult with an expert, you need to follow a strict plan to ensure you are able to get stronger and acquire more dexterity, which will lead to sustained success in your golf game. 

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