It’s a common misconception that golf is a sedentary sport. Although many golfers use golf carts to get around the course these days, golf can actually be your ticket to a healthier lifestyle.

At Totally Driven in Edina, we work with Minnesota golfers to provide golf fitness coaching and instruction so they can reach their full potential. In this post, we’re breaking down how you can take advantage of some of golf’s top health benefits. To start training and achieve your maximum potential, give us a call today!

Step One: Play Often

Like any good exercise, the more often you work out, the fitter you’ll be. Regular exercise offers countless benefits to your overall health including cardiovascular health, mental health, and overall well-being. Regular golf time can also help to reduce stress and give you a much-needed break from routine.

Playing regularly is also necessary if you’re trying to improve your game. The beauty of golf is that you don’t have to play the full course every time you want to hit a few balls. On the other hand, although it can be easy to hit the range every day, it’s important to get out there on the course and challenge yourself. 

It’s a good idea to spend time on the range a few times a week so you can get that regular exercise and give yourself a few opportunities each month to play the course. To mix things up, spend some time challenging yourself on different courses and playing with different partners. 

Finally, just as you would focus on toning your legs or abs with a traditional workout, you should focus while practicing golf. Choose a focus area to target that affects your gameplay such as posture or swing, or spend time working out with a specific club on the range.

Step Two: Adopt a Warm-Up Routine

Whether you’re training for a triathlon or hitting the Peloton, a warm-up routine is necessary. Warming up can improve your health and fitness in several ways. First, it primes your body for a workout by opening up capillaries and increasing the blood flow to your muscles. This blood flow is necessary to transport much-needed oxygen to your muscles, which reduces the chance of a golf-related injury. Additionally, a good warm-up can increase your body temperature and muscle performance.

In addition to aiding in your physical performance and protecting your body against injuries, the warm-up routine offers an opportunity to mentally prepare. This mental focus can help to improve your performance on the course as well. To learn more about adding a warm-up routine, golf core workouts, and golf exercises for flexibility, contact a golf fitness trainer at Totally Driven.

Step Three: Give Up the Golf Cart

There are plenty of great reasons to give up the golf cart if it’s feasible for your health. Walking around the course was part of the game traditionally dating back to 18th-century Scotland. Golf is a game that gives you the opportunity to clear your mind and take a break from Zoom meetings and our hyper-technological world. But when you depend on a golf cart to haul you around, you’re shortening your play time and depriving yourself of that quiet time. 

On the other hand, walking the course gives you the chance to reflect on your last shot and mentally prepare for the next one. And from a fitness perspective, walking the course gives you much-needed light cardio to help you stay fit. In fact, experts say you can burn as many as 1600 calories if you walk the golf course and skip the golf cart!

Step Four: Stay Hydrated

Your body can’t function without fuel, and an essential component of fueling your body is hydration. In fact, your mental and physical performance are directly impacted by a lack of adequate hydration. Always plan ahead to carry plenty of drinking water while you’re playing, especially when the weather is hot. When you’re sweating, you lose vital body fluid that needs to be replenished.

Although sports drinks contain electrolytes, they are often loaded with sugar and carbohydrates and should be used sparingly. You should also minimize your consumption of juice and other soft drinks as well as caffeine, which can be dehydrating.

Step Five: Maintain a Healthy Diet

Anytime you’re focusing on your health, it’s important to factor diet into the equation. If you’re looking for dietary changes that can improve your golf performance, this is a great conversation to have with your regular physician.

How you eat before, during, and after you play a round of golf can also impact your performance. Although the idea of loading up on junk food can be fun when you’re socializing with friends or coworkers, it won’t do much to help your performance.

Try to focus on thinking about food as fuel for your body’s performance. Small snacks taken more frequently are better than loading up in one sitting.

You also want to eat food that improves your overall energy levels and helps to maintain focus throughout your performance. Healthy fruits and vegetables are always a great choice for good fitness. Or try adding some snacks that are packed with protein like trail mix, nuts, peanut butter, and jerky. For a quick carb fix, you can’t go wrong with granola.

Improve Your Golf Fitness in Minnesota

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