It takes all kinds of people to make the world go ‘round. This adage is as true on the golf course as it is in life. But when you see someone who looks like a pro golfer, you don’t have to be an experienced caddy to be able to recognize them right away. 

Whether you’re just getting started in golf or you’re an old pro, tweaking your golfer’s image can help you get into the pro golfer frame of mind. In this post from Totally Driven in Edina, MN, we’re sharing our favorite tips to help you think and feel like a professional golfer. Give us a call to learn more about our golf fitness facility today!

Start With the Look

When you’re headed to an important job interview, you make every effort to dress for success. And when you receive a formal dinner invite, the first thing you do is check the dress code on the invitation. In much the same way, it’s never a bad idea to look the part when you’re playing golf.

Although appearances aren’t everything, dressing the part can get you into the right frame of mind and set the tone for your best performance. Here are a few details you can incorporate when putting together your best golf look:

●      Ditch the Cart Bag for a Stand Bag

Golf cart bags are less versatile than stand bags and weigh an average of about two pounds less per bag. They’re also smaller and easier to lug around the course. Not only do stand bags make life easier for caddies, but they also make it easier on you if you decide to walk the course rather than ride.

When walking, carry your bag with the strap across your shoulder and the center of the bag resting behind your back just above your hips. To complete the look, invest in good headcovers. Leather headcovers, manufacturer’s covers, and knit covers are all excellent choices.

●      Dress Like a Pro

Even when it’s hot, a polished golfer typically wears pants and keeps his or her shirt tucked in. This crisp look sends a message that you’re a sharp-looking golfer who takes the game seriously and makes a strong impression on anyone you meet. 

●      Carry a Good Luck Charm

Do you still have tags from a tournament? Leave them on your bag. Although many golfers leave their tags on for good luck, it’s also a great way to send a subtle message that you’re the kind of golfer who competes in tournaments.

●      Personalize Your Bag

Nothing says “serious golfer” like a personalized golf bag. This sends a message that you’re committed to spending plenty of time out on the golf course and you probably use custom fit golf clubs.

Act Like a Golfer

Now that you’ve got the look down, it’s time to start acting like a golf pro. Follow these tips to act, look, and feel like a PGA champion:

●      Always Walk the Course

Lean into the golfers’ zen and walk the course like the game’s Scottish founders once did. Walking the golf course shows that you’re mentally and physically present and you’re not trying to rush through the course.  

●      Incorporate a Warm-Up Routine

The best golfers work with fitness trainers to establish warm-up routines and get ready for the game. Warming up is essential to a good golf fitness routine and helps to protect players against injuries. It also sets you apart from less serious golfers by showing you’re committed to the athletics of the game.

●      Be Ready to Play

Nobody wants to wait on a golfer who is never prepared to hit on his or her turn. A professional golfer is ready to go as early as they can be. They’ve also got everything they need for each hole ahead of time.

●      Use Errant Golf Ball Etiquette

Errant shots are part of the game no matter how long you’ve been playing or how professional your game. After all, you’re hitting tiny balls at high speeds with sticks that are scientifically engineered to get the best drive. Eventually, one is bound to go where you didn’t intend it to!

If you do hit an errant shot anywhere near other players, always yell out “Fore!” to warn them so they can protect themselves. If you hear someone else yell “Fore,” immediately put your head down and cover it with your arms to protect yourself.

●      Learn Other Players’ Names

Few things give a stronger good impression than showing others that you value their interactions enough to learn their names. Make a strong effort to learn other players’ names and remember personal details about them that show you’re interested in who they are. It also gives you something to talk about when you’re playing.

Sign Up for Your Minnesota Golf Club Fitting

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