When most people think of high school sports, the first thing that comes to mind is usually football or baseball. Although team sports seem to get all the attention, more high school students are turning to golf than ever before these days. In fact, golf is easily one of the fastest-growing sports for young people these days.

The beauty of golf is that no matter how old you are when you start out in the game, golf is completely accessible to almost anyone. And while many students end up quitting football or baseball as they get older, golf is a game that will be with you throughout your entire lifetime if you want it to be.

At Totally Driven in Edina, our professional golf fitters work with golfers at all levels including high school golfers who are thinking about playing in college. In this post, we’re sharing our best advice for high school golfers to make the most of their golfing career. Give us a call to discuss college prep putting lessons or schedule a professional fitting today!

Support for Golfers

Improving your game begins and ends with practicing often and making sure you’re practicing the right way. At Totally Driven, we provide a number of services to help Twin Cities golfers—including high school and college students—improve their game.

At Totally Driven, our coaches are certified Titleist Performance Institute and PGA Golf Professionals. Here’s a quick guide to help you determine if you need coaching, lessons, or both:

Golf coaching focuses on big picture issues:

●        Developing skills in the long-term

●        Flexibility

●        Fitness

●        Strength

Lessons focus on quick fixes like these:

●        Fixing small flaws

●        Improving your swing

●        Holes in your game

Choose from either a half-hour or hour-long golf lesson with a Titleist or PGA certified expert. Pricing is $65 for a 30-minute lesson and $125 for an hour. More in-depth golf coaching is offered in three-month or six-month programs. Coaching begins with a skills assessment and includes full facilities access including gym and locker room, chipping area, and putting area with SAM Putt Lab. You’ll also get a 50% discount on fittings, 30-minute supervised practices that focus on skills learned the previous week, and a one-on-one 30-minute less every other week.

College Prep Putting Course

For high school golfers looking ahead to a possible golfing future and collegiate golfers, we also offer a college prep putting course. Putting is one of the most important next-level golfing skills. If you’re looking at a college golf scholarship, putting is also strongly emphasized by recruiters.

Here’s what we offer for our college prep putting lessons:

●        A $125 initial one-hour evaluation using Sam Putt technology to analyze your putting skills including green-reading abilities and distance control.

●        45-minute putting sessions to offer complete instruction, tips, and drills once weekly or once every two weeks. These sessions are $100 per lesson with discounted packages available.

●        AimPoint two-hour clinics to help you get ready for professional golf. Our AimPoint Express clinic instructor is AimPoint III certified and has taught all levels. Whether you’re a high school or college-level player or whether you’re high-handicap or low-handicap, you can learn the AimPoint method.

Improving Your Game

As a high school or college-level player, it’s important to start developing good habits to improve your game now.

Follow these tips to setting those habits today:

1.    Make sure you’re ready the night before a game.

Anytime you have a game scheduled the next day, get into the habit of following a careful routine to make sure you’ve got everything you need the night before. If there’s a chance it could rain, make sure you’ve got all of your rain gear. Pack your tees, balls, glove, and any other accessories you may need for the game. You’ll also need to be sure you have the right amount of clubs allowed for your match.

2.    Get mentally prepared.

When you’ve got an important golf match, there’s a good chance you’ll be a little nervous. Many professional golfers use meditation or breathing techniques to relax their minds and bodies on the golf course. Develop your own pre-game ritual or technique that helps you to calm down so nerves don’t sabotage your game.

3.    Find your warm-up routine.

Work with your golf coach to develop a warm-up routine you can use before a match if you have enough time. This will help you get comfortable with the green you’re on and get your mind and body ready for the game.

Sign Up for Twin Cities Golf Lessons

What are you doing to improve your game? At Totally Driven, we can help you improve your game across the board in terms of accuracy, speed, control, and flexibility. To sign up for your Twin Cities golf lessons or get a fitting, contact us online or give us a call at (952) 681-2728.