Even if you have been golfing for years with the same, off-the-shelf-clubs, there are still plenty of improvements you can make to your game when you get your golf clubs custom fitted. At Totally Driven, we use state-of-the-art technology, such as Trackman and Sam PuttLab, to analytically diagnose your swing and suggest improvements. Our system provides us with an abundance of information, as well as recommended specs for new golf clubs.

Not only does our use of the newest and best technology on the market set us apart, but our attention to detail and commitment to each customer puts us a step above the rest. Here, our experts at Totally Driven will walk you through our fitting process for both individual clubs and a full bag.

Full Bag Fitting

When you come to our facility in Edina, we will have you bring your current clubs with you to your fitting so we can analyze your metrics. From there, we have you swing each club so we can understand all of your movements, hard-hit rate, and more. Our Trackman technology tracks every important part of your swing, including:

●        Launch angle

●        Lie angle

●        Loft

●        Spin rate

●        Ball distance

●        Swing speed

●        And more

After we have your exact measurements and have you test prototype clubs, we will help you order your clubs and get them to you so you can get to work on the course.

Driver Fitting

As one of the most important clubs in your arsenal, your driver sets up your success on the rest of the course. If you are using a driver that is not built for you, you may slice the ball, not hit it hard enough, and more. When you come in for your fitting, we will first test you with your current club in our Trackman studio, then craft prototypes for you to test. Once we have found a desirable club for you, we will order your specified driver with whatever brand(s) you prefer.

Putter Fitting

Your putter is arguably your most important club. It accounts for nearly 40% of your shots, and it is difficult to recover from a poor putt. You can recover from a poor drive or chip, but recovering on the green is difficult. When you come into our facility in Edina, we will have you bring your current putter. We will put you in our Sam PuttLab studio where we analyze every metric you could imagine. Our system then generates suggested club builds, and we put those together for you to try. After you have found the perfect club, we will order it, and you can start to improve your shots on the green.

Additional Fittings

We provide club fittings for each type of club you have. This includes wedges, irons, hybrids, and fairway woods. Our team can also provide you with individual or small-group training to improve your game.

Request a Fitting at Totally Driven Today

If you are looking for clubs that work perfectly with your game, contact our team at Totally Driven today. We can fit each club in your arsenal so you get the best results possible. To learn more about our services or to schedule a fitting, give us a call at 952-681-2728 or message us on our contact page.