Picture yourself getting ready for a great round of golf with friends or coworkers. You’re feeling confident as you pull out your trusty driver. Sure, it’s a few years old, but you’ve had plenty of great games together. As you take that swing, you realize your accuracy isn’t what it should be. As the day wears on, you’re feeling less and less like you brought your A-game.

If this has ever happened to you, did you know that your driver may be the culprit? If you’re having trouble with accuracy, distance, or consistency, a professional driver fitting can connect you with a new driver that’s individually tailored to you. In this post, our golf fitting experts at Totally Driven will help you decide if it’s time for a new driver. Contact us to schedule your driver fitting and improve your accuracy.

Disappointing Driver Performance

Sooner or later, every golfer will experience golf club envy. Someone shows up with a shiny new club, and you’ll start to wonder if your own game could benefit from a new driver or wedge.

The truth is that golf driver technology is constantly evolving as driver manufacturers look for novel ways to engineer the perfect club for the perfect game. Today’s drivers continue to improve over drivers manufactured a decade ago or longer. If you’ve been playing with an older set of clubs, there’s a fair chance you could benefit from a driver tech upgrade.

Why We Love Custom Drivers

Drivers are often considered the most difficult clubs in the bag. It’s important to remember that every athlete has their own set of unique needs on the golf course. The idea behind a custom driver fitting is to evaluate your swing and launch and based on that data, fit you the right shaft and head to give you a more confident game.

When it comes to golf driver technology, here are a few things to keep in mind:

●        Distance: Drivers made within the past few years have markedly thinner faces than those of a decade ago thanks to innovations in the industry.

●        Forgiveness: There once was a time when it was easy to get away with blaming your club for a bad shot. But that’s not really the case with modern clubs. Today’s drivers are far more forgiving than those manufactured even just a few years ago. These days, golf club manufacturers are using advanced technology to create larger sweet spots and increase forgiveness.

●        Speed: Golf ball speed is directly connected to distance. Manufacturers are getting better at improving speed.

Replacing Your Driver

How often you replace your driver seems to be a fairly personal choice. Some golfers like to replace theirs regularly, while others will use a club for years and years before upgrading. We recommend using the driver that works best for you, and if your old driver isn’t giving you the game you’re hoping for, it might be time to replace it.

Here are a few signs your driver is ready for retirement:

1.    Accuracy Problems

Is your game plagued with off-target shots? Do your drives end up everywhere except the fairways? When your driver doesn’t hit with accuracy, it can be difficult to work on your swing. With a custom driver fitting, we’ll connect you with the right shaft and head combination for a straighter shot.

2.    Disappointing Distance

How is your distance? If your drives are coming up short, it could be that you’re playing with the wrong shaft. Fitting you with the right shaft means finding a shaft with the right length, weight, torque, kick point, and flex for you to play your best game. Once you’ve got the right driver, you can work on improving your score unimpeded by the wrong fit.

3.    Inconsistent Drives

Playing an inconsistent game can be incredibly frustrating, Half the time, your drives are fantastic, but the other half leave you feeling like a complete beginner. Increased stability on off-center drives is essential for a more consistent game. With a better driver fit, you’ll see improved accuracy even when your swing is just a little off.

What Happens at a Driver Fitting

A fitting begins by taking a look at your swing with your current driver. We use our Trackman studio to analyze your length of carry, air distance, roll distance, launch angle, and swing speed. We’ll look at where you’re striking the ball on the club and compare it with where you should be striking it to get the right recommendations on adjustments.

With the help of technology, we’ll get a scientifically recommended list of club heads, shaft lengths, lie, and more. Armed with this information, we’ll connect you with the suggested clubs and record your swing again.

Finally, we’ll help you find a driver that fits with your budget and needs. We can even combine brands if that’s what works best for you. We work with a wide range of golf driver manufacturers, including Cobra, Callaway, Titleist, Taylor Made, and many more.

Get Your Custom Driver Fitting

If you’re ready to improve your golf game, our team at Totally Driven is ready to connect you with a custom driver. Our team of helpful golf club fitting pros is happy to talk to you about driver fittings, fitness plans, golf lessons, personal training, memberships, and more. Contact us to learn more about our fittings, or give us a call at (952) 681-2728.