There are plenty of factors that go into making the perfect golf club, like kick point, bend profile, torque, and flex. One factor that’s just as important but often poorly understood by golfers is the role of shaft weight.

At Totally Driven in Edina, shaft weight is just one thing we consider when we perform a custom fitting. We look at the big picture to connect athletes with the right shaft and head for their best game. In this post, we’ll break down the importance of shaft weight and talk about how it impacts your game. Give us a call to order your custom fit clubs today!

The Importance of Shaft Weight

Across the board, golf club manufacturers agree that shaft weight is crucial to performance. Some manufacturers argue that weight should be looked at first during a fitting. Bend profile, kick point, flex, and torque are all important, but with the wrong shaft weight, they can all fall by the wayside. To further complicate matters, torque, flex, and bend profile can all impact an athlete’s perception of shaft weight.

Theoretically, a lighter shaft would mean a faster swing than a heavier one, but in reality, not all golfers increase their speed when their shaft is lightened. In fact, it can even cause your speed to decrease.

Here’s how golf weight breaks down in iron shafts:

➢       Under 90 g is considered lightweight

➢       91 to 110 g is considered midweight

➢       111 to 120 g is considered heavyweight

The Role of Shaft Fitting

It might seem intuitive that lighter shafts are the best choice for slow swingers, while fast swingers require heavier shafts. Although this is occasionally true, it’s important to understand that all rules are meant to be broken.

Some manufacturers emphasize the importance of an individual’s game: Heavier shafts may be better for control, while lighter shafts may help with distance. At the same time, a short swing can produce the same speed as a long one if the shaft weight is better for the individual golfer’s swing.

The key to understanding shaft weight is acknowledging that every golfer has their own unique needs. Professional club fitters often find that even golfers who are the same strength and size can end up needing completely different shaft weights.

The best way to know what shaft weight works best for your athletic needs is to get a professional golf club fitting. Professional golfers rely on club fittings to unlock the best shafts and heads for their top level of performance.

Do You Have the Right Shaft Weight?

You may already have an idea of what shaft weight works best for you. But there’s a decent chance that weight isn’t precisely suited to your best game. It’s fairly common for golfers to resist a shaft weight change.

Some golfers are so sensitive that even a shift of two or three grams can completely alter their swings. For golfers who are committed to their current shaft weight, incremental adjustments are more easily tolerated. On the other hand, some golfers hardly notice a weight shift of 10 to 15 grams.

When you come into Totally Driven for a professional golf club fitting, we begin by looking at your performance with your current clubs to get a scientifically-informed analysis. We’ll look at angle, spin, launch, accuracy, ball speed, and loft, among others. This tells us right away if you’ve got the right shaft weight for your game.

Here are a few signs you may have noticed that indicate you’re playing with the wrong shaft weight:

●        Labored swings

●        Difficulty making solid contact

●        Poor distance

●        Low or inconsistent ball speed

●        Inconsistent dispersion

Finding the Right Shaft

If you take a look at the major golf club manufacturers, you’ll find an extremely wide range of shaft weights even without upgrades and custom options. These days, golf manufacturers understand the importance of shaft weight much more than they once did.

Too often, golfers don’t realize the role that shaft weight plays in their game. They’re hitting inaccurate or inconsistent shots that could be improved with a tweak in their shaft weight.

To get an idea of the weight that works best for you, try hitting with a lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight shaft to feel how they’re different. If you find the lighter shaft more responsive, this may be the best fit for you. Likewise, if you find the heavier shaft gives you a more labored swing, it is not the right fit for you.

Every Club Is Different

Just because you prefer to play with a lightweight driver doesn’t necessarily mean this will work best for all of your clubs. Just as every golfer is unique, every golfer has their own unique needs for every club. This is especially true for irons and drivers, which is precisely why the fitting process is so important.

With a custom golf club fitting, we can help you find the right shaft weight for everything in your bag. Besides custom club fittings, we also offer a complete range of services to increase your performance including lessons, personal training, memberships, and more. Contact us to schedule your appointment or give us a call at (952) 681-2728.