Whether you’re new to golf or a seasoned professional, you probably know that creating consistent, desirable habits will lead to more success down the road. However, habits you currently have might not be conducive to success, so it’s important to consult with a professional and work in their suggestions with your own comforts to make the most out of your golf experiences. Golf is an intense yet calming game that takes both mental and physical skills to find success. You need to develop strong habits in both of these aspects to find long-standing success on the course. At Totally Driven, we’re primarily a golf club fitter, but we also have a team of golf professionals who will help you train and work out any issues in your swing and game, which includes your habits. Here, our golf professionals at Totally Driven will discuss some mental and physical habits to consider adopting to improve your success and enjoyment.

Improve Your Aim on the Course

While getting your golf clubs fitted is one half of the equation to achieve more success on the golf course, you also need to change how you approach every hole on a course. The layout and hazards are different throughout the course, and by studying this, you can determine how best to approach your shot. Studying the course ahead of time is crucial to your success, and is a habit you should get into to improve your chances of success. To learn more, contact Totally Driven today.

Take Practice Seriously

Another habit you should develop over time is a solid practice routine. Practice is the key to success, and the only way to bring long-term success is to practice with due diligence. You should approach practice the same way you approach a tournament or other competition. That way, you develop a strong mentality geared toward success. When you practice, you’re obviously working to improve your overall game, and that can include specifics, like putting or overall performance. When you come to Totally Driven for your golf club fitting or training needs, we can help you establish a good practice routine, so you get the most out of your work with your new clubs.

Develop a Routine for Each Shot

When you watch a professional golf tournament on TV, you’ve probably noticed each individual has his or her own pre-shot routine. Many of these routines follow a similar pattern, and some of these actions include things like:

●        Analyzing the layout of the hole

●        Checking the wind

●        Taking practice swings

●        Lining up the shot

●        And more

Your pre-shot routine shouldn’t be too long, but it should be something you’re comfortable with. You don’t want to hold up everyone behind you, but you want to get off the best shot possible. Try to come up with a routine before each shot, no matter what the distance or club is. Though certain parts of your routine will vary depending on whether you’re putting or driving, but across the board, it should be relatively the same.

Keep Your Expectations In-Check

Depending on the course you’re on and your skill level, you need to keep your expectations in check. If you’re playing at a notoriously difficult course and are relatively new to the game or have been playing for a long time but are not at the skill level you want to be at, you need to go in with reasonable expectations. If you expect yourself to go in and shoot a personal record, you’ll probably be left feeling disappointed, and that could lead to unwanted frustration, which could negatively affect your score as a whole. However, by being reasonable and setting attainable goals while you're out on the links, you can walk away feeling satisfied and know you gave it your all. From there, you can formulate ways to improve and make adjustments in the future, so you find continued success.

Study Previous Rounds and Make Adjustments

What better way is there to improve your golf game than studying your inconsistencies and creating a practice plan to solve those issues? Suppose golf is your passion or favorite hobby, and you want to improve to find continued success for years to come. You should consider having someone you trust to evaluate your swing mechanics and overall performance and provide constructive criticism so you can make adjustments. However, if you don’t have someone nearby to help you do this, you could prop up your phone or another recording device to get your swing on film, so you can analyze it later. Studying your own swing and current habits and making adjustments based on what you see or having someone analyze it is one of the most effective ways to make changes and a good habit to develop.

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