As Minnesota once again slowly moves toward the fall, you must start preparing your golf game for the colder months ahead. Golf remains one of the state’s most popular activities, except during our cold winter months. With this, even if you’re an experienced golfer or even a newer golf fanatic, you need to know how to prepare yourself for the upcoming cold. Even if you’re an experienced Upper Midwest golfer, it’s still important you stay up-to-date and continue practicing what you already know to stay prepared. How do you take care of yourself in addition to your golf equipment and stay prepared at all times? Here, our golf experts at Totally Driven will discuss how to prepare to play golf in the fall weather.

Stretch Out and Walk

When the weather gets cold, it’s easier for all athletes to get injured when participating in their respective sports. As you know, golf is a sport that requires a great deal of walking and standing while you wait for others to complete their shots. To stay healthy and feel good on cold, fall days, you should consider going for short walks on the course or merely stretching off to the side to loosen up. By stretching or walking, you get the blood flowing to your muscles, which will help keep them active, so you don’t injure yourself with unprepared muscles. To learn more about how to keep your muscles active or how to train for your golf goals, contact Totally Driven today.

Pack Layers

As fall approaches, the weather can change at the drop of a hat, and you and your partners need to prepare accordingly. If you’ve lived in the Upper Midwest for any time period, you know how cold it can get, especially early in fall mornings and later in the afternoon. For this reason, it’s important you pack extra layers to protect yourself from the cold. When you’re not golfing because you’re waiting for others in your group to go, adding a sweatshirt, jacket, or other extra layers while you’re waiting is a great way to keep your body temperature up. Not only are you comfortable, but you’re also preventing injuries by keeping yourself warm. Additionally, consider bringing a hat and gloves, as well as an extra pair of socks in case your shoes and socks get wet from melted frost or spontaneous rain and snowstorms.

Don’t Overswing

It’s a well-known fact by avid golfers that the ball doesn’t travel as far through the air when the weather starts to get cold. As a combination of the cold and wind, as well as tighter muscles, your swing won’t be as powerful as it usually is. However, if you try to compensate for this by swinging harder and not closely adhering to your mechanics, you can do more harm than good. Straying from your mechanics and overexerting yourself can cause injuries and negatively impact your game for a long time. You can create bad habits that take hours of practice to correct. Contact us today to learn more about keeping your mechanics consistent, contact our golf pros at Totally Driven today.

Take Care of Your Clubs, Especially if They’re Fitted

As the Minnesota weather turns to autumn, the weather posts more of a risk to your golf gear, which includes your clubs. If you’ve made a significant investment in your golf clubs and have had them custom-fit by a professional, keeping them safe from the elements is even more critical. When you come to a company, like Totally Driven, to get your clubs properly fitted, you’re making a significant investment toward your future success. When you come to Totally Driven, we will have you go into our swing lab to use our Trackman technology to fully analyze your swing with each club. From there, we’ll use that data combined with what’s most comfortable for you to build clubs that are best suited for your body and swing-type.

Once you have these personalized clubs that were created specifically for swing, you want to do everything in your power to take care of them and ensure they last for years to come. As the weather grows colder in Minnesota, frost often appears on the grass in the mornings, which then causes wet grass for several hours. Additionally, colder, wet weather is common in the fall, so it’s important to keep towels on hand and other materials to keep your clubs and other equipment dry to prevent future rust or other damages.

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