Are you an avid golfer who loves trying new tactics to improve your game? Or are you new to the game and working hard to discover how to improve your skillset and overall game? Regardless, it’s important to look into various ways to improve your golf game. One of the ways to improve your golf game is by increasing your swing speed, but how do you go about this? A higher swing speed will help you hit the ball farther, especially when you’re driving the ball. Of course, your swing speed isn’t the only factor that determines the accuracy or success of your shots and ultimate golf score. At Totally Driven, our golf professionals can help you improve your swing speed and find clubs that are best for your swing. Here, we’ll discuss different ways to improve your swing speed.

Have A Solid Posture and Good Mechanics

Oftentimes, those who struggle with their swings primarily have issues with their mechanics and their overall posture. If your mechanics are off, the chances are high that your swings will be off-line, and your accuracy considerably diminished. The key to a solid golf posture is to have a firm, fluid swing, but not so uptight that you’re too tense to play well. A good golf posture includes a slight bend of the back and knees and flexibility to follow all the way through on your swing. Most professional golfers turn their shoulders 90 degrees on their follow-through, which enhances their swing speed and supplies more power. You have to be able to maintain your posture and mechanics through your swing to be successful. Poor mechanics can lead to a less powerful swing and off-balance shots that negatively impact your swing and swing speed.

Train to Work on Strength

If you’re serious about improving your golf game and the intricacies of your swing, one thing you can do is train to increase physical strength and flexibility. In addition to our golf fitting services at Totally Driven, we also offer personal training. Improving your strength without exaggerating your swing is the easiest way to improve your golf swing speed. Exaggerating your swing causes poor mechanics, which leads to a less powerful and accurate shot. However, by consulting with an expert, you can learn how to increase your swing speed through personal training. At Totally Driven, we have certified experts on-hand to help you reach your goals to improve swing speed. Our trainers are certified through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 3 and American Council on Exercise (ACE) to provide structured guidance and plans specifically designed for each individual. Through our personal training plans, we can help you with:

●        Muscle Strengthening

●        Reducing Pain

●        Cardiovascular Training

●        Losing Weight

●        Speed Gains In Your Swing

●        And more

To learn more about how personal training can help you improve your swing speed, contact Totally Driven today.

Don’t Overexaggerate Your Swing

You may think that increasing your swing speed is a result of swinging faster and exaggerating your motions, so you hit the ball with more force. However, exaggerating your swing in an attempt to hit the ball harder will likely result in your swing being off-balance, which means there’s a strong chance you won’t hit the ball as far or as accurately as you’d like. Additionally, exaggerating your swing in an attempt to get more power could also cause you to injure yourself. To have the most effective and accurate swing, you need to focus on relaxing and ensuring your swing is balanced. If it’s not, your scores will likely suffer as a result. Golf is a game meant to be enjoyed, and overexaggerating your swing will lead to somewhat disastrous results that will frustrate you. Contact us to learn more from our golf pros on how to stay relaxed and true to your swing.

Practice Whenever You’re Free

The final step to improving your swing speed is practicing all of the above steps whenever you can. Practice is the key to bringing everything together, and it’s crucial to developing good habits that will help you improve over time. If you’re committed to becoming an excellent golfer, you know that golfing takes a great deal of practice. It’s difficult to be a naturally excellent golfer. Practice is the key to improving after time, so it’s important to find a dedicated space or state-of-the-art golf course or practice facility to practice your game. If there’s not a golf course near you or one you enjoy playing at, consider setting up a practice area in your garage or back yard. You can also find a practice facility, like ours at Totally Driven, to work on your game.

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