Do you love playing golf but don’t care about having the best score or taking on the toughest competition? Do you simply play for the love of the game? If that’s the case, you’re probably not committed to an extreme training regime. You want to practice and play on occasion without putting in the hours and hours of work it takes to become an elite golfer. However, how do you toe the fine line between being a casual golfer and a golf addict committed to becoming a professional? Here, our golf professionals at Totally Driven will discuss how to go about improving your golf game if you are a casual golfer.

Practice When You Can

Above all else, the key to improving your game, whether you’re a casual golfer, new golfer, or even professional, is hitting the links and playing as often as you like. As a casual golfer, you’re more in it for the love of the game and camaraderie that comes with playing with family or friends. All you have to do is find a course or golf club near you to join, so you can go golf whenever you’re free. Practice is the best, most proven way to improve, and our experts at Totally Driven are happy to offer suggestions and even offer golf lessons if you’re looking for help with specifics. Contact us today to learn more.

Stay Active and Stretch

While you may not think it’s important to train, especially if you’re just a casual golfer, you should still do some things to make sure you don’t injure yourself. Think of the torque you put your body through when you swing your golf clubs. You’re activating muscles in your back, neck, arms, legs, core, and more. While you don’t need to be in tip-top shape and train constantly, you should do the basics to stay active. Additionally, you should maintain a regular stretching routine. Not only are both of these things good for your overall health, but they’ll help you stay healthy and relatively pain-free when you put yourself through the rigors of golfing regularly.

Examine Your Swing

Even the most casual golfers can make a few common tweaks to their swing to ensure they’re swinging effectively. If you’re hitting the ball at the slightest wrong angle, it can cause adverse effects on your overall game. If you’ve recently been struggling with your swing and hitting the ball accurately, consider working with a golf pro at a company like Totally Driven, or even consulting a friend more experienced than you are. It may be an easy fix like you’re opening your shoulders too soon during your swing, or your clubface isn’t squarely hitting the ball. Regardless of the issue, having someone you trust to take a second look at your swing is a great idea.

Find Competition Around Your Level

Many people, especially those who are interested in sports, like golf, are fueled by competition and the desire to get better at their respective hobby or sport. In order to find your passion, you should challenge yourself with players similar to your own style. We’re not challenging you to go out and find a professional to compete against, but rather someone in your area who also loves the game but only wants to play it casually, like you. Friendly competition is good for your skills because it challenges you to improve your game without the pressures of entering a full-blown competition. Plus, you’ll likely make a solid friend out of the deal.

Get Your Clubs Fitted

If you are someone who loves to golf and spend a significant amount of time casually golfing with friends and family, it would be wise to get your clubs fitted. Club fitting is a surefire way to get clubs that are specific to your body and how you play the game of golf. When you come to Totally Driven, unsure of whether or not you want your clubs to be fitted, our experts will offer advice and help you decide if you want your clubs fitted or if you want just one or two fitted. Even a regular, casual golfer should consider getting their clubs fitted. When you come to Totally Driven, you should bring your current clubs with you. From there, we’ll bring you into our swing and putt lab to break down your swing and get a variety of measurements, such as:

●        Launch Angle

●        Swing Speed

●        Smash Factor

●        Spin Rate

●        Club Path

●        Shaft Bend

●        Launch Angle

●        Lie Angle

●        And more

By getting proper measurements on your swing and clubs, we can build new clubs for you that perfectly match your swing and body type. With clubs fit specifically for you, you can swing easier and improve the efficiency of your hits. Even as a casual golfer, fitted clubs can help you improve your game and make you enjoy the sport more than you have in the past. For your fitting or to learn more, contact Totally Driven today.

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