Are you struggling in your golf game and continuously slicing your shots to ruin your scores? Are you fed up and done trying to fix your swing on your own? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

At Totally Driven, our golf professionals take pride in both fitting your golf clubs, as well as providing you with lessons and tips to help you make the most out of your golf skills.

Slicing your shots is one of the most common, if not the most common, swing issues that many people struggle with.

BUT we are here to help...

If you’re struggling with slicing your shots, there are a few tips we recommend to fix your swing. If you need any help incorporating these tips into your swing, feel free to come to us with your questions and needs. Here, we’ll explain some tips to help you straighten out your shot.

Square Your Clubface & Hit The Center Of The Ball

When you slice the ball, there is a chance your shot is off because your clubface is not squared up to the ball.

Even with the slightest tilt to your clubface, you can cause your shot to slice to one side or the other, which will inevitably damage your score.

When you slice the ball either on the drive or your mid-range shot, there’s a good chance your ball will end up in a hazard or, like the woods, sandtrap, water, or more. Additionally, if you don’t hit the center of your ball and hit it just on the top or on the bottom, you’ll lose a great deal of power in your swing and likely slice the ball one way or another.

Golf Gif "I bet you slice into the woods. A hundred bucks!"

So how can you fix your slice?

When you’re practicing your swing, make sure you don’t open or close your clubface too soon because you will slice the ball to either side.

Consider taking short, soft swings to work on squaring your clubface. Progressively take stronger shots and ensure your clubface is still hitting the ball squarely.

To go with hitting the ball squarely with the clubface, you need to practice hitting the center of the ball, as well. The two go hand-in-hand, and it is critical you practice both aspects to prevent slicing the ball.

If you hit the ball with the top or bottom of the clubface, you’ll lose power on your swing and slice it.

Work on squaring up your clubface, and you’ll slice your shots less often. Contact our golf professionals at Totally Driven to learn more today.

Enforce Your Golf Grip

A large part of succeeding in golf is the grip you hold on the club.

You may not realize it but..

Your grip plays a large part in how your swing progresses.

If your grip is too tight, you may be too tense through your swing, which can cause you to open or close your swing too fast, which can cause you to slice the ball.

Additionally, the same thing can happen if your grip isn’t tight enough.

You may also lessen the strength you put into your swing if you’re focused on keeping your grip too light.

You may unconsciously bring less power in your swing because, in the back of your head, you’re concerned about losing your club in the swing.

Either one of those things can cause you to slice the ball in either direction, as your grip impacts the remainder of your swing.

As an avid golfer or even a new golfer, you probably have a grip that works in your favor.

But here's the kicker:

Sometimes we develop habits that are detrimental to our swing.

When you are practicing, make sure you maintain a consistent grip for each of the shots you take to ensure your swing is even across the board to prevent the ball from slicing.

Get The Right Clubs

If your clubs aren’t fitted specifically for your game, it can cause adverse effects.

While not everyone has fitted golf clubs, those who have fitted golf clubs and put in the time and effort to practice will see more success.

If you have ill-fitting golf clubs, it can cause you to slice the ball because you may not be able to square up the ball, or you may not have your clubface at the right angle.

Here's the deal:

When you come to Totally Driven, we will put you in our swing lab to breakdown every aspect of your swing with your current golf clubs before taking our own knowledge and computer-generated numbers to build the new golf clubs that best suit your swing. To learn more about our club fitting process, contact us today.

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