As an avid golfer or someone new to the game, it is critical to hammer out your golf swing and posture, so they are consistent across the board. If your golf swing is inconsistent, it will create erratic results, which can damage your overall score. As a golfer, not only do you know how important a consistent swing is to your score, but also to prevent injuries and ensure you can golf without pain for years to come. However, you can’t develop this swing overnight. Creating a consistent golf swing takes the right clubs and diligent practice. Here, our golf professionals at Totally Driven will explain how you can drastically improve your golfing posture and swings.

Don’t Bend Your Spine Too Much, But Don’t Stand Up Too Straight

Part of improving your golf posture is perfecting the angle of your spine. As you know, much of your golf power is derived from the torque your back, hips, and legs create when you swing. If your spine is curved too far, you’ll lose power and risk injury. Additionally, if you stand up too straight, you risk injuring your back and having an off-center shot that will ruin your golf score. However, having your back at the wrong angle also poses other threats.

For instance, if you bend your spine too much and create an “s” with your butt and your back, your shoulder won’t open as much as it should. If you don’t turn your shoulders all the way through when you swing, you'll risk injury, as well as poor shots that will adversely affect your score. By not opening your shoulder, you run a high risk of slicing the ball and not getting off shots that have the right arc and more.

Similar to bending too much in your back, you’ll also have trouble if you stand up too straight when you swing. Finding the happy medium that works best for you is difficult, but it will bring years of sustained success if you master the correct posture for your back. The trouble with keeping your back too straight is similar to the adverse effects that come from bending your back too much. At Totally Driven, our golf professionals can help you perfect your swing, so you can reduce your chance of injury and improve your scores.

Stay Centered

When you are swinging, you want to focus on keeping yourself evenly balanced. When you are setting your feet, make sure your weight is even over your entire foot, instead of putting the majority of your weight on one side or the other. Additionally, you don’t want your weight focused primarily on your heels or on the balls of your feet. Instead of shifting your weight to the left or right or to the back or front of your feet, keep it even and watch your shot improve.

Additionally, you need to make sure your knees are bent at an angle that works best for your shot, and you don’t lean forward too much, as that can throw your balance off, as well as your entire shot. Though you may not realize it, especially if you are new to the game of golf and still finding your way, your posture impacts every part of your swing, and it is critical that you learn how to balance yourself for the best possible results. Contact Totally Driven to learn more about your swing today.

Get Your Clubs Fitted

As you know, at Totally Driven, we offer state-of-the-art golf club fitting services to help you find your perfect clubs that are best suited for your swing and body-type. While fitted golf clubs will improve your scores incrementally, combined with the correct posture, the change can be drastic. When you schedule a fitting with our team at Totally Driven, we will have you bring your old clubs with you so we can analyze them and how effective your swing is with them. We will bring you into our swing and putt labs to analyze every aspect of your swing, such as:

●        Launch Angle

●        Spin Rate

●        Swing Speed

●        Shaft Bend

●        And more

After we analyze your swing, our computer will generate suggested club lengths and other factors, and we will build new clubs accordingly. Then, we’ll have you test your new clubs in our swing lab to analyze their effectiveness. From there, we’ll get you clubs you can afford that match your exact specifications. Combined with your improved posture, these clubs will work wonders for your game. To learn more about our club fitting process for both individual clubs and your full bag of clubs, contact us today.

Contact Totally Driven Today

Are you in the Twin Cities metro area and looking for a group of golf professionals to help you improve your game and get the best clubs for you? If so, Totally Driven is the company for you. Our golf professionals offer everything from club fitting to lessons, and we’d be happy to help you. To schedule a fitting, give us a call at 952-681-2728 or message us on our contact page today.