About Us


Our MISSION is to transform people’s game to a level they never thought was possible.

WHY we started Totally Driven. To make a difference with every golfer that comes to us.

HOW we can help you. Totally Driven has put together a team of experts in Club fitting, Club building, Instruction/Coaching, Jr. development, and Fitness in order to help YOU!

WHAT can we promise. Our customers will tell you, we care about every golfer who comes into our facility. We are driven to work hard to make sure your game improves. .


Jon Weedman


Learn More About John Weedman
Jon Weedman has a long and tenured career in the art of club building. Starting at Golfsmith in 1998, he then moved to Meridian Golf in 2000. From 2000 until 2005 he worked as a master club builder overseeing the hand-crafted production of thousands of clubs from drivers to putter and everything in between.

It was in 2006 that Jon realized a life long ambition: small business ownership. Partnering with Lynn Anderson and Andy Thompson, they incorporated Totally Driven, the ultimate golf improvement center.

After years of skilfully navigating the turbulent waters of a serious recession and the challenges of a small business, Jon and his partners have successfully built one of “Golf Digest’s Top 100 Fitters” in the United States. Jon’s ability to ply his master club-builder skill while balancing his rock-solid business acumen makes him a powerful resource for this burgeoning company.

In Jon’s artistic hands, a Master Club Fitter and Professional Club Builder, Totally Driven’s club fitting and club making process differ greatly from that of a big box store or a mass produced golf club factory. Jon and his crew take the time to fit and then craft your clubs one at a time.

From his days as a high school golfer, baseball, basketball, and football player, Jon now channels his competitive energy into golf. He represents Totally Driven well as he has garnered many tournament and club victories.

His love of the game and course experience, make it easy for him to convey to players of all skill levels the sage advice that encourages game improvement.

As a family man and father of 2 sons, it is easy for Jon to be emphatic with those struggling to improve their game while balancing the responsibility of day to day life.

Lynn Anderson

(Fitness Coach)

Learn More About Lynn Anderson
It has been a long and interesting road for Edina native Lynn Anderson. As a successful high school athlete, she started her career as a tennis professional. Born with a competitive nature Lynn was able to transfer her unique skill set into a passion for helping others play their best golf by getting their body’s to move better and more efficient. This unique skill set has promoted many career successes in both athletics and business.

As a successful athlete she knows what it takes to ascend to the next level. An inductee into the Edina High School athletic hall of fame; A USPT tennis professional for 13 years; playing and coaching golf and tennis at the highest levels all of which allow her an athlete’s perspective. She has played on the Futures Golf Tour for 5 years and caddied at several LPGA events including a Women’s US Open Championship.

She is one of only a handful of coaches that have coached a state champion in two different sports. As a head high school girl’s tennis coach, she led her team (Orono Spartans) to their first and second state team championships along with coaching a singles and a doubles champion. In golf she has coached a player to a co-championship at the state high school golf tournament.

It was in 2005 that Lynn crossed paths with Andy Thompson and Jon Weedman. Together this team incorporated Totally Driven. With a personal training, fitness and coaching background, Lynn was a perfect fit for this group. Together, they could now offer a comprehensive program to aspiring golfers, which includes coaching, fitness, instruction and club fitting.

Lynn has majored in health fitness, is a certified member of the American Council of Exercise (ACE), and a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) level 3 Fitness Instructor. She also is a TPI level 2 Junior Development; and Biomechanically certified.

Her ability to perform physical screenings helps her get you moving better so you can make a better golf swing. Lynn knows the importance of your body’s kinetic effects on your golf swing. There is no guessing or experimenting. Lynn can help you attain results.

Andy Thompson

(Putting Coach)

Learn More About Andy Thompson
It was approximately ten years ago when Andy Thompson decided to leave the corporate world and taken on another challenge. Having mastered his work as an Operation and Distribution Manager, Andy wanted to pursue a calling that was dear to him; golf.

Andy had played the game and was not only looking for a way to improve but also a way to incorporate his passion for the game in a venture far, far away from the corporate life he lived. It was in 2005 that he met and partnered with Lynn Anderson and Jon Weedman. It was a perfect fit, and Andy head manned the effort to incorporate what now is know as Totally Driven, “The Ultimate Golf Improvement Center” and one of “Golf Digest Top 100 Fitters”.

Andy’s natural caring nature and analytical personality make him the ideal club fitter. He is less concerned with the sale and more concerned with “getting it right”. This dedication has built Totally Driven a cult like following. His non-brand biases allow him to make club recommendations based on performance rather than profit. His clients appreciate that.

As a successful amateur athlete, Andy now channels his competitive drive into his business and plays as much golf as possible.

Self taught as a golfer, he has learned much about the golf swing, club-fitting and putting to the extent that he now is recognized as an industry expert.

He has performed multiple club-fittings and putting instruction sessions with PGA Tour players, College players, top amateurs and countless other players of all levels.

Andy has trained under numerous putting experts including Mark Sweeney, David Edel, David Orr, Bobby Dean, Geoff Mangum and Christian Marquardt. He is a certified SAMPUTT instructor, AimPoint Green-reading Level 1 Instructor and Putting Zone instructor.

His training on club-fitting has been done via relationships with other US club-fitters, Club-fitting groups, internet research and collaboration with the fitting group at Totally Driven. Recognized from multiple manufacturers as a master club-fitter and is a Golf Digest Top 100 Club-fitter.

Andy has helped many players improve their golf game and prides himself in special attention to every player who he works with!