KFAN’s Brandon Mileski is Working on his Golf Game at Totally Driven

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KFAN’s Brandon Mileski is Working on his Golf Game at Totally Driven

One of KFAN 100.3 FM’s most popular programs is the “Common Man Program”. Anyone who listens to this program may hear quite a bit about the game of golf.


The producer of the show, often referred to as “Tenna B,” is Brandon Mileski. To improve his game, Brandon has invested himself in coming to Totally Driven in Edina on a monthly basis so he can have his game ready for the spring.


Brandon’s hoping his time spent at Totally Driven will help improve his game in all areas. The good thing for Brandon is that at Totally Driven we have certified golf coaches who will help him throughout the skill development process. Our coaches will teach him how to practice and stay in good golf shape, we will fit his clubs and we’ll do drill work to teach him how to properly play the game.


The first thing our coaches will do is assess Brandon’s skill level to determine which program will best benefit his game. Our professionals will evaluate all physiological and technical aspects of his game. This skills assessment is designed to evaluate a player’s entire game. This approach is out of the ordinary, but vital to the success of the program.

Totally Driven only collects scientific data and will train Brandon with a definite purpose. If a major swing change is needed, our pros will recommend one of our programs. For minor swing changes and tweaks, an individual lesson might be all that is needed. We also have tools to help train a different swing style, including the Trackman Launch Monitor. This monitor measures movement patterns and efficiencies in your swing while monitoring the flight of your ball. We’ll follow Brandon’s training over the next few months and keep providing updates.

Brandon’s starting numbers were tallied using a 6 iron, an 8 iron, and a Driver. You can see his starting dispersion and trajectory shots below; the 6 iron is in yellow, 8 iron in white, and the driver is in red:


Brandon’s Starting Dispersion


Brandon’s Starting Trajectory


You can also track Brandon’s progress on social media using #TennasTotallyDrivenTrek and #TennaTotallyDriven.


Totally Driven offers the most unique indoor golf program available in the Upper Midwest. Take advantage of the program by calling us at (952) 681-2728 today!