The Best Minnesota Golf Courses to Visit This Fall

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The Best Minnesota Golf Courses to Visit This Fall

If you are looking to continue your golf game into the fall, consider yourself lucky to be living in Minnesota. Minnesota is host to a variety of beautiful golf courses that are only enhanced by the changing of the seasons. To golf among the reds, yellows, oranges, and violets of fall, take a peek below at our best fall golf courses in Minnesota and the best times to visit them:

Hole 18-4

The Wilderness at Fortune Bay

Northern Minnesota

In northern Minnesota, the peak of autumn typically occurs from mid to late September and is typically done by early October. Although a great deal of trees in Northern Minnesota are evergreens, many conifers—such as spruces and pines—shed their older needles. To golf among the falling golden needles and colorful leaves of Northern Minnesota, visit these courses:




St. Cloud Country Club

Central Minnesota

Central Minnesota is home to a wildly fluctuating autumn season, but autumn in this region begins in mid-September and typically peaks between late September and early October. If you are looking for a variety of golf courses dotted between beautiful farmlands and small towns, visit the following courses:


Cragun’s Legacy Golf Course in Brainerd

The Classic at Madden’s Resort in Brainerd

St. Cloud Country Club in St. Cloud

Twin Cities Metro

Home to culture, history, and excellent golf clubs, the Twin Cities metro offers a variety of courses and clubs for golf enthusiasts. Better yet, your golf course is likely to be steps away from some of the Twin Cities’ best lakes. Make sure to stop by a lakeside patio for dinner and a brew after your time on the green! Autumn in Southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities Metro peaks from late September to mid-October. During that time, visit these locations:


Interlachen Country Club in Edina

Windsong Farm Golf Club in Independence

Rush Creek Golf Club in Maple Grove

Whether you visit your old favorites or explore a brand new golf course, take care that you don’t miss autumn on the greens!


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