How to Improve Your Ball Striking Skills

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How to Improve Your Ball Striking Skills

Do you enjoy golfing, but would like to improve the way you strike the ball? Even the most experienced golfers can benefit from employing new techniques and tricks. Check out our tips and drills to improve your ball striking out on the green:

golf-ball-1480602_640Practice Accuracy

Hitting the ground before you hit the ball, otherwise known as hitting it “fat,” is an embarrassing, but common mistake. In order to help prevent hitting the ball “fat” and practice consistency, simply grab a business card and head to the green. 

Set the business card behind the ball. Where you set the ball will be determined by the quality of your ball striking. Experienced golfers can place the card next to the ball, while beginners may need to put a few inches between the ball and card. After you hit the ball, check the card. If the card is still firmly in place, you have made a good swing and can continue practicing. If that card has moved or is bent, then you need to adjust how you are hitting and try again. Drilling with this method will help you improve your ability to hit the ball without hitting the turf.


Proper Arm and Body Tension

Far too often, inexperienced golfers will swing too loosely. This results in inaccurate aims and powerless swings. Experts agree that the best way to remedy this is to practice hitting shots out of thick grass. In order to hit shots out of thick grass, golfers will need to find the balance of tension between the arm and body muscles. This will help golfers instinctively search for that stability of impact out on the green as well.


Body Language

Working on the fundamentals of body positioning will help improve your ball striking skills. Working on proper arm and body tension, preventing body swaying, and aligning your head, spine, body, and feet will help you find balance and strike accurately. Practicing the fundamentals of body positioning and eliminating excessive body movement will help improve your game greatly.


Keep your Head Down

This golfer’s adage will help prevent you from hitting the ball to “fat” or too thin—otherwise known as hitting the ball too high. The trick here is to focus on eye coordination. Golf professionals encourage their students to keep their gaze on the back of the ball for a brief amount of time (roughly 2 to 3 seconds) before starting the putting motion. This allows the brain to focus on aligning the body with the swing and aiming accurately. Learning these different visualization techniques will sink more putts and help you perform better under pressure.


There can be many moves that can mess up your ball striking skills, but with consistent practice and experimenting with the right drills, you’ll be sinking every putt in no time. 

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