Reading the Slope: The AimPoint Advantage

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Reading the Slope: The AimPoint Advantage

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Have you ever been watching golf and noticed a player sticking up a peace sign or another form of finger counts while on the course? Do not be alarmed by the strange acts of the tour players, as they are not just waving their fingers in the air. They are using a putting method called AimPoint that has helped many tour players improve their putting.


So how does this method improve putting? A dozen years ago, Mark Sweeney created what is called AimPoint. This simple method is a way to picture how much the ball breaks based on the slope of the green. Sweeney has stated that anyone can learn how to read the green in just a few weeks, no matter your golfing experience. It only takes three simple steps:

Step 1 – Feel the Slope

By using your feet as you’re walking, you can attempt to feel the slope’s steepness on the green. Once you measured and estimated the slope in your putt, you can place a number on it and begin to convert that into a visual picture of breaks.

Step 2 – Aim Your Putt

Once you have measured the slope with your legs, you can use your arm and fingers to determine where to aim your putt. When you hold up one, two or more fingers, you are determining how steep the slope is between the ball and the hole.


Step 3 – Make Everything

Hit the putt at the correct speed and “AimPoint” – all you will have to do is watch it go into the hole!

Thanks to Mark Sweeney’s brilliant technique, over 200 Tour players use this method. Many are using AimPoint because it is highly visual and allows the player to “feel” the break of their putt. The list of tour players using AimPoint includesSatcy Lewis, who has won numerous awards in her career and spent four weeks as the number one women’s golfer in the world in 2013 and an astonishing 21 weeks in 2014.

You can learn the AimPoint technique and how to read greens like the best in the world with the help of our putting coach, Andy Thompson. He is an AimPoint teacher and an elite putting coach that can improve your putting with this  easy to learn system in Edina, Minnesota.


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