The Importance of Club Fitting

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The Importance of Club Fitting

A golf swing is very much like a fingerprint – no two swings are alike. Having the proper set of clubs that fits your body and swing is very important. Getting fit for the right set of clubs can maximize your game and help you shoot lower scores. Here are some reasons why club fitting is so important, along with our process for getting you fit for the right set of clubs:

32Body Characteristics:

A golf swing always starts from the ground up, and there are several body characteristics that affect how you swing the club, such as height, weight, leg strength, hip rotation, shoulder turn, arm strength, posture, and overall flexibility. Since the body is a sensitive instrument, often times it will try to compensate for clubs that are not properly fit. For instance, a taller individual with shorter length clubs will be forced to slouch, thus changing posture and swing. The same goes for a shorter individual with a longer set of clubs.

Swing Characteristics:

There are many factors that make an individual’s swing different such as speed, load, and tempo. With various shafts, club heads, and grips on the market, finding the right combination for you can take your game to the next level. In most cases, golfers with higher swing speeds are better off using stiffer shafts, whereas regular flex shafts are better for golfers with slower swing speeds.

There are also different club heads that fit specific players. Cavity back irons are often called “game improvement clubs” and are for beginners. Blades or “muscle backs” are often called “players clubs”, and are used by golfers with more experience. Placing the wrong club in the wrong golfer’s hands can result in a dramatic change in their swing and overall game.14-2 Why Our Club Fitting Is Different – The Four Step Process

Step 1. Comprehensive Interview

A player discusses his or her goals, golf history, physical limitations and other salient factors pertinent to their play.16

Step 2. Current Equipment Evaluation

The player’s current equipment is spec’d out to establish a performance baseline.

Step 3. Dynamic Testing

  • Shafts are optimized by flex,weight, and bend profile
  • Shaft load is measured
  • Swing Speed is measured
  • Impact on the Club Face is measured

Step 4. Ball Flight Analysis

  • Ball Speed Optimization
  • Launch/Landing Angles
  • Spin Rates
  • Smash Factor: Ball speed/club head speed
  • Attack Angles

Club fitting is essential to top level performance; that is why people who make their living playing golf believe in it. If you want to take your game to the next level, we recommend getting fit for your own set of clubs. To schedule a fitting with Totally Driven or learn more about our club fitting services, visit our website.